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interia’s Directors are leaders in their field, who’s visionary approach and attention to detail continues to produce some of the world’s most remarkable designs. Their shared philosophy and approach to design allows them to foster a community of creatives who produce award-winning projects, time and time again.


When passion is incubated, nourished, tested and ‘designed’, that’s when creation transforms into art.

Mr. Umesh Kumar (CEO)
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interia’s Directors are leaders in their field, who’s visionary approach and attention to detail continues to produce some of the world’s most remarkable designs. Their shared philosophy and approach to design allows them to foster a community of creatives who produce award-winning projects, time and time again.

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Mr. Umesh Kumar

When passion is incubated, nourished, tested and ‘designed’, that’s when creation transforms into art. This is the story of a man who spent the better part of his life living jumping from one creative chapter to another seeking the perfect manifestation of a purpose, not knowing that he was nurturing a mastery of Interior Design all this while. This is the story of Umesh Kumar, the founder and CEO of Interia who began his journey into Interior Design in the classrooms of IIT.

At IIT Mr. Kumar found himself fascinated by beautiful harmonious spaces, flowing contours, colors, arrangements and elemental rhythms. Naturally, he ended up juggling time between his academics and all sorts of explorations in design. Design was this newfound love of his that demanded time and thought (which he happily gave) but alas Design was not to take up the form of a career after his academic stints! Our story now meanders into the realms of advertising, which Mr. Kumar believed was the perfect middle ground for him to entertain his creative pursuits and also the more ‘career-oriented’ ones. As time progressed, Interior Designing began occupying the recesses of Mr. Kumar’s time, as a hobby.

this hobby continued to feed into his interests and Mr. Kumar’s fascination with spaces continued brewing, Interior Design finally found the moment to shine, as an idea! It erupted as the Idea to do up his own home after a string of unsatisfactory, unoriginal efforts by others in the market. One thing led to another and Mr. Kumar was designing homes for his friends. Soon enough, pen was put to paper and Interia was born in 2009! Today Mr. Kumar, or UK, as he is fondly called, runs the renowned enterprise along with a large team of expert Interior Designers and Architects, rethinking and recreating spaces to give them a personality and life of their own! This is Mr. Umesh Kumar, and this is his legacy, Interia

With over two decades of corporate experience in Program management, Client management and setting up new functions , she brings in lot of value in running the company professionaly . She is approachable and people find in her a mentor, guide, friend, someone who can help them achieve greater results.

Raji ensures a good healthy work environment for people at Interia. She is able to keep a balanced view point between people and company. She makes sure that people work hard, play hard and in general have fun working at Interia! She hires the right talent for company, helps them settle down and grow in the organization making Interia one of the best companies to work for in this space. She is straight forward and to the point in her communication .

Prerna is a Super Star. She has everything that you would ever want in a designer - creative, innovative, open to experimenting and improvising, Super responsive and on top of everything. She is able to handle the most difficult difficult situations and people with ease and grace. Nothing rattles her. She is firm yet open, knows when you take a stand and when to give in . She understands people well and is able to give them more than they ask for :-)

Harendra is a one man army however in his role he manages all Factory Production and woodwork installations at site. He has this rare ability to look at things from a 60,000 ft height and at the same time get to the bottom of things and get his hands dirty. Technically very sound he likes to continuosly learn and innovate . He is very comfortable in moving out of his comfort zone and trying new things. One should not get misled by Soft spoken and highly sensitive nature, because when need arises he can be very tough and hold his ground. He is a great leader who leads by example. Great asset to Interia and a pleasure to work with.

Continuos learner and ongoing researcher are the key characteristics of Rahul . And these qualities make him a great purchase and R&D guy . He is always looking for new products in the market and new vendors who can give us better products and services. Action oriented he gets things done at the snap of a finger. Designers love him for his responsiveness and not hesitating to explore the unchartered territories.

Sachin creates beautiful and very high quality 3D which makes designers wonder how the hell did he read my mind :-). It can be uncanny. With little inputs he is able to achieve desired results which clients normally approve at first go. He is quite a favorite of all designers and much sought after ! Another thing that is very commendable about Sachin is that he always sticks to his commitments and delivers to what he has promised. Very realiable !!

Abhishek is very thorough with his work. For him work is not work but his passion. He has an excllent asthetic sense and also understands the technical and functional aspect of any design . This is a deadly and a very rare combination. If Abhishek is on any project one can be assured that project will get delivered with out any issues . Its an absolute pleasure to have him a part of our team.

Full of life, Parul never hesitates to go that extra mile for her clients. She is hardworking, a good team player and is also great in building good relationship with her clients. She is prompt in responding to client queries and concerns.

Muskan is enthuastic and very passionate about her work.Her elegant, understated and classy design sense can convert any space into a luxury . Never hesitatnt of expressing her viewpoint and yet being sensitive to clients taste, she is able to gain their respect and trust very fast. She is very structured and highly efficient. Is able to close even the most complex of designs effortlessly and quickly. We are blessed to have her.

In the last 6 years that Ashok has been with us, he has grown exponentially on both personal and professional front. He has this unique capability where he can handle a complex problem at site and also detail out a complex piece of furniture for production. He is a great team player and does not hesitate to help people even though he may have to stretch himself to finish his own tasks. Ashok has a great attitude towards work and company and is very sincere. He will never ignore a problem even if it is on someone else's project. Great Asset for Interia!

Tanmay understands furniture well. He can get the right size,proportion and shape for any furniture to look exactly the same as the reference image or the original piece. He also ensures that all fuuniture selected by the designer fits in well in the space. His detailed research ensures a perfect design and an unparalled comfort (for sofas, chairs) . Since he focusses 100% on furniture he helps in identifying some unique and latest designs for furniture making us stand apart from the other design shops.

Rahul is technically sound, has an eye for detail, methodical and sincere to his work, a rare combination. He will never cut corners even under extreme pressure and will not settle for anything but the best. He has delivered some tough projects with ease. Clients love him as he not only gets things done on time but wil go that extra mile to do things that is beyond their expectation. Besides managing his own site(s), he does a regular quality check on other sites and also helps other site sups find smart solutions to complex problems.

Prabhat is very thorough, structured and process oriented. He is very mature in his dealing with people.Does not hesitate to question anyone if something does not seem right to him. No one can mess with him. He is a thorough professional and he has all his documentation upto date at any point in time . We are very happy that we found him in an industry which is known to be completely adhoc.

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