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At Office Interiors by Interia, we strive to transform your organization with brilliant office interior solutions. With an imaginative and fresh outlook, we deliver the organizational change you deserve and improve the overall working environment for our approach. All our office designs are versatile, influential, and durable because we think differently for each client.

Our meeting room and conference room designs make the best office interiors to boost your business performance, promote friendly work culture, and ensure staff satisfaction. We are the leading office design agency in India that prides itself on helping a business to improve, adapt, and change. Our office designers use various areas of expertise to form a modern design.

We are focused on making ergonomic and spatial considerations with the best use of available space and complying with building regulations. Office Interior design is the visual outlook that can calm, excite, and inspire. Services design focuses on the mechanical, infrastructure, and electrical concepts to help a building to support the office interior and layout. Your office is a space where you and your employees spend most of their time. We always come up with progressive change and ideas for your workspaces.

office interior designers in delhioffice interior designers in india

Office Fit Out and Interiors

Our office fit-out and design services ensure reliability and quality that matches with the intent of our office interior designers. We work closely with our clients in each stage, from initial discussion to final delivery. We are your best partner to help your business with our “never-say-never” attitude and our expertise.

We Design Office Spaces that Inspire

Office layout and design quality are of paramount importance to both the outcome of investment and the success of the project. From the very beginning, we establish the brief of office design, know the technicalities of your building, and define what we can do for your project.

We design innovative design solutions and leading products by staying ahead with the latest trends. This way, we meet the clients’ goals and improve opportunities for offices to ensure the success of a company. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Office Interiors by Interia offers unified office design services. We have a vast portfolio covering various innovative designs for leading companies in India.

Here’s How We Work We Create Modern Office Designs

We create 3D VR presentations and Finish Boards so you can easily visualize how your office is going to be. We have fully detailed layouts, drawings, and specifications to explain our office interior designs to you. The office design process is the way to make the most from office interior fit-out and refurbishment. We can do everything we can in terms of practical solutions, innovative design, and guidance based on office redesign.

We design for your values

Our office design truly reflects your values and passion. Our team coordinates materials, finishes, fittings, and colors to set the right presence. An office interior is the visible illustration of the ambition, standards, and performance of your organization. We understand how office design can influence your business and develop your company positively.

Why Choose Office Interiors by Interia?

At Office Interiors by Interia, we make the best team that comes out with the best solutions. To make your design standing out, we cover so many aspects. Your goals and aspirations are most valuable to us.

We put our innovative design ideas ahead to improve, inspire, and lead. Our unique transparency ensures ample peace of mind so you can always get the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I change the existing furniture for office interior design?

There is nothing wrong with investing in new furniture if you desire complete refurbishment of your office space. Modern office design may include furniture that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to the users. But it doesn’t mean you cannot keep storage spaces and shelves or any vintage items that can match your retro-themed office.

How to choose the best office design?

If you are clueless, you need nothing to worry about with us. Our team will come up with a unique design approach that is tailored to your workspace. Overall, here are the basic requirements to consider- .

  • Plenty of space
  • Enough storage
  • Ample natural light
  • Appealing reception area
  • Best quality furniture
What are the benefits of contemporary office design?

There are different benefits of renovating your office space –.

  • Brand Recognition – There is nothing more exciting than a well-planned office space that shows your potential and current clients that you care about them.
  • Staff Performance – Your staff is the most important people for your business as they work tirelessly to make your business succeed. So, it is very vital to improve their morale by improving their work environment.
  • Optimized space – We take care of the overall layout of your office and decide where we can make the most of available space. Our design team is always here because making those decisions is not easy.
  • More safety – We invest in an office fit-out which ensures ample safety of your workplace for your staff and their wellbeing and health.
How to get the most of my new office?

There’s always an opportunity to get the most of available space and we have got plenty of tweaks and techniques to use. This way, we always come up with something new for every client. We are dedicated to work closely with our clients and to work out unique and innovative ways to get your office to work the same way you desire.

How does space planning work?

By “Space Planning” we mean looking for innovative and easy ways to make the most of your workspace. We conduct surveys so you can always get the most of your available space and accommodate your setup ergonomically. We also consider plans to ensure significant growth in the future to grow your business easily in your workspace.

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